Meet Dawn

Dawn has worked with IMBT to assist with reintroduction or introduction to touch, and mindfulness breath, for their clients with trauma experience.

Her approach provides intuitive healing. She has practiced with an array of therapists and doctors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York and teaches educational workshops.

She is a lead technician and trainer for EPAT Therapy (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology), Dawn uniquely combines the latest technology for tissue regeneration with the ancient arts of healing.

She is a Lead GAINSWave® Certified Technician and trainer for optimal male performance.

As the Director of Operations for Medical Certification PC & PA Green Wellness, she is honored and proud to be a part of PA and DE Green Medical, giving legal access to medical cannabis for state residents and an advocate for GAINSWave®, Regenerative Medicine & Alternative Pain Therapies.

Dawn’s mission is to promote and support a life balance through wellness and self-acceptance. She is a believer in the connection of body and mind as one.

Her somatic arts approach to mindfulness breath coaching helps to create an environment of harmony, balance and ease while enabling clients to recover due to trauma.

Private Sessions with Dawn (Click to View)

Private Sessions with Dawn

Choose from any of the following for same flat rate.

$180 for 60mins  | $250 for 90mins | $300 for 120 mins

Touch Therapy Sessions

Please note: GAINSWave and Regenerative Medicine require an in office consultation for pricing options.


Private Sessions with Dawn & Jen:

Teaching Touch:

Individual – $1000/2 sessions – Learn to touch like a pro, by invitation only to clients in good standing (must be a client)

Couples – $1000/2 sessions – Open to all couples who want to learn hands on guidance and find new ways to deliver skin sensations that maximize oxytocin and increase your connection (you do not have to be a current client for couples teaching touch)

Meet Jen

Jen’s life purpose is to assist people seeking transformation, especially after an unwelcomed life event, in Body, Mind and Spirit.

She offers life and sexuality coaching (privately and in partnership with licensed trauma therapist) serving all orientations, gender identities, and expressions.  Jen is trained in EPAT Therapy utilizing acoustic pressure waves for aesthetic and erectile dysfunction improvement.  She is certified in bodywork and energy work, with experience in working with adults of any age and ability.

Jen is the Director of Patient Services for PA Green Wellness. She is a certified patient educator in EPAT Therapy, NeuroStimulation, GAINSWave® and Regenerative Medicine:

  • Human Cell & Tissue (HCTP) Therapy
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Treatments
  • Biologic Tissue Change via EPAT

As a previous SBA loan portfolio manager and previous family business owner, Jen maintains a private credit report cleanup service.   Jen holds a Masters in Finance, and both Federal and State background clearances.

She lives a peaceful & spiritual life, and believes everyone has a right to solutions that blend practical actions with self-honoring spiritual and holistic options.  Jen practices meditation, guided visualization, and directed thought and offers all of these options for client experience.

Private Sessions with Jen (Click to View)

Private Sessions with Jen


Consult In-Person:  $50

Coaching via WeCounsel Virtual or In-Person:

One-time Appointment:  $100/90 min session

Individual/Couples Redirection:  $250/3 session package

Relationship Readiness:  $900/6 week program



Private Sessions with Dawn & Jen:

Teaching Touch:  $1000/2 sessions

*Learn to touch like a pro, by invitation only to clients in good standing

Making sure we provide the best education & training to the staff at PA Green Wellness, patients and maintain current information on the latest therapy options and protocols!