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What is Shock Wave Therapy and is it really that great?

 by Jen

Yes, it really is that great! Having used the treatment on myself, I have dubbed it the fountain of youth.

Shock Wave Therapy (also called ESWT and EPAT) is a mechanical energy jolt used in 90% of the world for dissolving kidney stones.   By controlling and targeting this energy to different tissues and locations, the micro-trauma causes immediate and long-term results, also called “final healing” or “biologic effect”:

increase collagen production & reduction of inflammationincrease cell permeability & dissolution of calcific depositsincrease local blood circulation & vascular growthincrease local cell metabolism & higher levels of nitric oxideantibacterial effect & elimination of pathologic deposits

Storz Medical of Sweden, the leading manufacturer of medical shock wave equipment, is the only equipment we use.  Each of the following applications require specialized attachments, protocol, training and experience.

Facial Rejuvenation:  wrinkles, scars, deep lines, surface texture.Pain:  TMJ, back pain, foot pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, shin splints, etc.Cellulite:  bumpy surface texture, fat deposits & connective tissue.Genitals:  pelvic floor, prostate, erectile tissue.

No needles.  No drugs. No down-time.  No side effects.  FDA approved.  Quick.

For additional education, I recommend the following sources:


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