Holistic Therapies in Support of Your Quest for a Pain-free Life, A Strong Body, Quiet Mind & Awakened Spirit, Agelessness, More Satisfying Relationships and Healing.

we specialize in:


  • Light Body Work (Weightless Touch Therapy)
  • Life Coaching and Intimacy Coaching
  • Meditation, Visualization and Directed Thought
  • Reintroduction or introduction to body touch customized for trauma experience(s) this includes boundaries, memory awareness, tremor and emotional release
  • Hemp-derived CBD options 
  • Medical Marijuana Certification in PA & DE – Partnering with PA Green Medical. PA Green Medical is a group of medical marijuana certification clinics located in King of Prussia, Harrisburg, Lewes DE and Newark DE. Their caring and judgement free team of Pennsylvania state approved doctors are here to evaluate your condition and help you to determine is medical cannabis is the right treatment for you.
  • NeurostimulatorNeurostimulation Therapy is an FDA cleared class 2 medical device, FDA & CMS approved protocols for pain relief. Neurostimulation Therapy is covered by most health plans. Provided at our affiliate company PA Green Wellness with locations in: King of Prussia, Harrisburg, Wilmington and Lewes, DE.
  • Regenerative Medicine & EPAT TherapiesProvided at our affiliate company PA Green Wellness with locations in: King of Prussia, Harrisburg, Wilmington and Lewes, DE
  • GAINSWave® –  Customized treatment provided by on of our Certified Technicians at our affiliate company PA Green Wellness with locations in in King of Prussia, Harrisburg, Wilmington and Lewes, DE (GAINSWave™ Trained & Certified)

Repair & Regenerate

Your body is a beautiful machine, designed to heal, repair and regenerate itself.  However as you age or experience injury and disease, your internal regenerative process can begin to slow.  Regenerative medicine is designed to help reignite your body’s healing processes, helping you repair yourself from the inside out.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine harnesses the power of your body to restore and heal itself by helping it to creating new cells, to replace and regenerate old tissues, helping your body to heal, reduce inflammation and repair injuries.  We use a combination of strictly tested HCTP (human cell and tissue products), formulated to assist your body in its healing journey.  Our products are derived from two different tissue sources: the Wharton’s Jelly layer of the umbilical cord (a cell rich environment) and placental tissue.   These tissue sources are uniquely able to help protect, cushion and support your body as well as assist in regeneration.

Who Can Benefit From the Treatment?

Virtually anyone can benefit from a mesenchymal stem cell treatment, however injections are most beneficial if you’re noticing a reduction in your body’s natural healing power as a result of age, or if you’ve experienced an injury, or suffer from chronic inflammation, or chronic pain that needs assistance to heal.  HCTP therapy is also an excellent addition to GAINSWave treatments to help you get the most from your experience. You can not benefit from a HCTP injection if you’ve have or have had cancer within 5 years of your treatment.

How Does the Treatment Work?

We’ve created a menu of treatments tailored to a variety of common conditions.  Treatment begins by arranging an appointment or visiting us during one of our Regenerative Medicine Clinics.  Our friendly patient care coordinators will discuss the various options with you and determine the injection that suits your needs.  On the day of your appointment you’ll visit us in one of our locations and receive your injection from our Doctor or a Registered Nurse, in up to 4 different locations on your body.  That’s it!  Over the coming weeks, you should begin to experience a reduction in pain and inflammation and increase in vitality as your body naturally regenerates itself.

Where Do The Products Come From?

All of our products are handled with great care to ensure quality and safety for our patients.  Our products come from a leading FDA-registered lab, located in the USA. They perform rigorous testing and meticulous handling for each and every product we receive.  The products are ethically sourced from donors who wish to volunteer umbilical cords and placentas from their full term birth deliveries.  All donors are screened for risk factors and all tissues collected are screened for diseases and impurities before they are ever processed.  This means you can rest assured our products are safe and effective

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We like to think of regenerative medicine as cooperative medicine: a way of working with the care continuum and your body.

Science that benefits everybody starts with understanding the power of regenerative medicine. That is, it’s cooperative nature. As your body loses its ability to repair itself, Predictive Biotech’s products cooperate with your body’s natural functions to help supplement, cushion and provide support right where it’s needed. Whether you’re 18 or 68, it’s about aiding your ideal regenerative environment in the least invasive or disruptive way possible.

Patients and doctors are surely aligned; nobody wants unnecessary pain or surgery. That’s precisely why we cooperate with the medical community to provide options; when a steroid shot or ibuprofen isn’t enough but surgery feels like a leap…, there’s the option of regenerative medicine. And even when surgery is necessary, Predictive Biotech is there with products to support tissue repair and recovery. It’s a full-circle view that’s patient-focused and bound to a higher standard. Refreshing, right?



EPAT Therapy

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy

EPAT Therapy by Storz is an innovative treatment using acoustic sound waves.  EPAT (accoustic pressure wave therapy) is used to ease pain and treat injuries, release connective tissue and repair fascia, reduce the appearance of cellulite, aid in lymphatic drainage and treat erectile dysfunction.  In our weekend clinics, we can help you treat a variety of these conditions.

EPAT therapy is safe and gentle with no side effects, no downtime, and no drugs.  This non-invasive approach to the treatment of your condition is over 80% effective and FDA approved.  Make an appointment today to see how we can help.

Pricing & Treatment Guidelines


for Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT)

All treatments include lymph drainage following pulse therapy.

Pain and Injury

(Feet, Back, Shoulders, etc)

Includes 2 targeted locations, 3-5 treatments recommended
  • $150 for 30 Minute Treatment

Connective Tissue Release

and Fascia Repair

Includes customized soft tissue treatment of limbs and/or torso, 1-3 treatments recommended
  • $180 for 30 Minute Treatment
  • $225 for 45 Minute Treatment

Cellulite Appearance

Reduce Appearance of Cellulite

Includes customized soft tissue treatment, 8-12 treatments recommended
  • $200 Buttocks, Thighs, Hips
  • $180 Abdomen, Thighs, Hips
  • $250 Buttocks, Thighs Back & Front, Hips, Abdomen
  • *Customizing available to include back, upper arms, etc

Pulse Resonance

“Massage” by Storz

35 HZ Frequency Vibrations drain lymph, increase microcirculation, and flush toxins. Body-wide or customize for targeted areas.
  • 30,000 Pulses: $100 (30 minutes)
  • 60,000 Pulses: $150 (60 minutes)

EPAT for Erectile Dysfunction & Erection Length, Strength & Frequency

70-80% effective treatment for men of all ages achieving better and more frequent erections with long-lasting results.  Increased blood vessel growth, reduction in blood vessel obstruction, rejuvenation of erectile tissue.  Mind Body on High refers all clients interested in receiving this treatment to our preferred MD for oversight, which is available at our affiliate company PA Green Wellness


New Day Cleveland Interviews Dr. Kroth and Jen Frey About GAINSWave®

On the Radio with Da Philly Go Flow Jen and Dawn talk GAINSWave® at PA Green Wellness

Meet Dawn

Dawn has worked with IMBT to assist with reintroduction or introduction to touch, and mindfulness breath, for their clients with trauma experience.

Her approach provides intuitive healing. She has practiced with an array of therapists and doctors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York and teaches educational workshops.

She is a lead technician and trainer for EPAT Therapy (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology), Dawn uniquely combines the latest technology for tissue regeneration with the ancient arts of healing.

She is a Lead GAINSWave® Certified Technician and trainer for optimal male performance.

As the Director of Operations for Medical Certification PC & PA Green Wellness, she is honored and proud to be a part of PA and DE Green Medical, giving legal access to medical cannabis for state residents and an advocate for GAINSWave®, Regenerative Medicine & Alternative Pain Therapies.

Dawn’s mission is to promote and support a life balance through wellness and self-acceptance. She is a believer in the connection of body and mind as one.

Her somatic arts approach to mindfulness breath coaching helps to create an environment of harmony, balance and ease while enabling clients to recover due to trauma.

Private Sessions and Services with Dawn (Click to View)

Choose from any of the following for same flat rate.

$180 for 60mins  | $250 for 90mins | $300 for 120 mins

Touch Therapy Sessions

Please note: GAINSWave and Regenerative Medicine require an in office consultation for pricing options.

Add $50.00 for CBD Oil Treatment

Private Sessions with Dawn & Jen:

Teaching Touch:

Individual – $1000/2 sessions – Learn to touch like a pro, by invitation only to clients in good standing (must be a client)

Couples – $1000/2 sessions – Open to all couples who want to learn hands on guidance and find new ways to deliver skin sensations that maximize oxytocin and increase your connection (you do not have to be a current client for couples teaching touch)

Meet Jen

Jen’s life purpose is to assist people seeking transformation, especially after an unwelcomed life event, in Body, Mind and Spirit.

She offers life and sexuality coaching (privately and in partnership with licensed trauma therapist) serving all orientations, gender identities, and expressions.  Jen is trained in EPAT Therapy utilizing acoustic pressure waves for aesthetic and erectile dysfunction improvement.  She is certified in bodywork and energy work, with experience in working with adults of any age and ability. Trained and Certified by GAINSWAVE headquarters in Miami, FL for better erections & optimal sexual performance

Jen supervises medical cannabis certification clinics in PA for a local physician, provides non-psychoactive alternatives in CBD, and is a Pennsylvania Department of Health approved medical marijuana caregiver.

Jen is the Director of Patient Services for PA Green Wellness. She is a certified patient educator in EPAT Therapy, NeuroStimulation, GAINSWave® and Regenerative Medicine:

  • Human Cell & Tissue (HCTP) Therapy
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Treatments
  • Biologic Tissue Change via EPAT

As a previous SBA loan portfolio manager and previous family business owner, Jen maintains a private credit report cleanup service.   Jen holds a Masters in Finance, and both Federal and State background clearances.

She lives a peaceful & spiritual life, and believes everyone has a right to solutions that blend practical actions with self-honoring spiritual and holistic options.  Jen practices meditation, guided visualization, and directed thought and offers all of these options for client experience.

Private Sessions and Services with Jen (Click to View)

For Private Sessions with Jen Contact her for Rates and Services


Private Sessions with Dawn & Jen:

Teaching Touch:

Individual – $1000/2 sessions – Learn to touch like a pro, by invitation only to clients in good standing (must be a client)

Couples – $1000/2 sessions – Open to all couples who want to learn hands on guidance and find new ways to deliver skin sensations that maximize oxytocin and increase your connection (you do not have to be a current client for couples teaching touch)

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